Metallic Epoxy Singapore (Our Story)

The Origins | Metallic Epoxy Singapore (Our Story)

Metallic Epoxy Singapore began as a business project started by two enterprising managers from industrial backgrounds.

Established locally in 2016, the firm began with a small team of just two Leggari-certified specialists, the managers themselves.

However, receiving Leggari certification is no mean feat.

Leggari is a leading American brand that is internationally renown for supplying and engineering premium, high-end epoxy surfacing solutions. Certified installers have to undergo a rigorous training program at Leggari’s headquarters, for the certification to install Leggari products.

This is to ensure products are installed according to the company’s specifications and high standards of quality.

Metallic Epoxy Singapore (Our Story)
Official Leggari USA Installer Certification

The Leader of the Industry | Metallic Epoxy Singapore (Our Story)

Starting out with just flooring projects. The firm expanded its team as it grew and increased operations to include many other interior surface services.

To date, Metallic Epoxy Singapore has completed over a thousand projects locally and counting. Not forgetting an impeccable record that every past client can attest to.

Metallic Epoxy Flooring
Metallic Epoxy Countertop
Metallic Epoxy Vanity Top

What is Metallic Epoxy?

You would probably have seen it at a restaurant or an upscale public venue.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Project for London Weight Management, Tiong Bahru Branch

Metallic Epoxy comprises of two key components, a clear epoxy base and metallic pigment powder.

While epoxy gives the material incredible durability and strength. The metallic pigments are mixed into the epoxy to give it its signature look.

Before the epoxy sets. The pigments within are manipulated with a paintbrush or roller to produce a three-dimensional pattern that scatters light at many different angles.

The designs that can be achieved from this method are limited only by the artist’s skill and your desired vision.

Marble Themed Design
Galaxy Themed Design
Granite Themed Design

Why is Metallic Epoxy Gaining Popularity in Modern Day Interior Design & Renovation?

Metallic Epoxy is a bit of an overachiever, as far as materials go. It is the end product of the chemical reaction between an epoxy resin and a hardener.

The resin that Metallic Epoxy Singapore uses sets within an hour and emits no fumes. This allows the area to be used quickly without ventilation.

The end product is entirely stain and waterproof, chemically inert, and highly resistant to scratches and impacts.

This combination of properties is essential for industrial application. Especially where chemical spills and heavy wear often reduce the lifespan of most materials.

However, when used in a setting that is more forgiving like your home, Metallic Epoxy lasts virtually forever. Therefore standing in the ranks of The Best Interior Surfacing Material 

History of Metallic Epoxy Singapore
A beautiful blue galaxy theme design for this home

Our Motto

By offering clients a well-rounded consultation that addresses every present and potential concern. The firm empowers them to make a truly well-informed decision.

Metallic Epoxy Singapore ensures strict quality control in every operation, which allows every project to last for many years beyond installation.

Our dedication to excellent service and lasting quality is among the reasons that we are now the country’s leading firm specializing in Metallic Epoxy. See it from our trail of satisfied clients.

You may contact us for a complimentary, non-obligatory consultation, or head over to our FAQ for more information!

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