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Luxurious, elegance and aesthetics brought to your homes with our Metallic Epoxy Floors. From beautiful marble to exotic galaxy-themed designs, we deliver unconventional and top-notch epoxy flooring solutions for you.

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Our Metallic Epoxy Art Panels are specialised crafted to from intricate designs, turning a two-dimensional space into a three-dimensional illusion. The play on depth formed by the different metallic effects to take your breath away.

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Beautify your workspaces with our Metallic Epoxy Countertops with gorgeous designs and allay your fears and worries of unsightly stains and watermarks, with our durable protective lustre made to last a lifetime.

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Our Metallic Epoxy Vanity Tops do more than just spruce up your bathroom, it protects against water damage and stains from daily use. Capture your guests’ attention and convert your vanity top into an oasis with Metallic Epoxy Singapore.

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Refurbish your old worn-out tabletops with Metallic Epoxy Singapore. Stain-proof and scratch and impact resistant, our Metallic Epoxy Tabletop designs will create a gorgeous and practical centrepiece wherever it is in your homes or offices.

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Stand out and be different from the crowd with Metallic Epoxy Singapore. Our designer doors not only restore and refresh your current doors with luxurious aesthetics, they reinforce it with properties to last against the torment of daily wear.

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Epoxy Specialist

The Metallic Epoxy Singapore team is trained and certified with Leggari Products, USA. We are the leading Metallic Epoxy Specialist in Singapore, with over a thousand completed projects and installations to date.

Exceptional Quality

Metallic Epoxy Singapore uses Leggari products manufactured in the USA. Only top quality products are utilised in all installations, ensuring long-lasting and durable finishings for your home and workspace.

Premium Luxury

Fitting that luxurious flooring or that exotic new countertop design is now worry-free. With a zero compromise on product and service quality, Metallic Epoxy Singapore will always be the industry leader in premium quality metallic epoxy finishings.

Free Consultation

Have any enquiries on Metallic Epoxy products and services? Contact us for a free, non-obligatory consultation and our sales team will be pleased to assist you.

Customer-Centric Culture

Metallic Epoxy Singapore places our clients first. From taking the time to understand your needs to providing the finishing touches for each project, we believe that every client deserves the best experience throughout their journey with us, even after a successful handover.

No Hidden Fees

We firmly believe in transparent and honest transactions. With Metallic Epoxy Singapore, you will never be surprised by any hidden or additional fees. Be secure in knowing all figures stated in our invoice are final.

Metallic Epoxy Singapore Showroom

Immerse yourself in the world of Metallic Epoxy at the Metallic Epoxy Singapore Showroom. Our expansive showroom lets you experience the actual feel and quality of our products for more informed decision-making.

Countless design boards, effects and colour samples are available for your viewing pleasure. Our project team will provide a comprehensive explanation and live demonstration of our Metallic Epoxy products, design choices and installation process.

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