Interior Colour Guide for 2021

Interior Colour Guide for 2021

Introduction | Interior Colour Guide for 2021

As we draw close to the bleak year of 2020, we gaze back to draw inspiration and insight for the future. Check out the latest Interior Colour Guide for 2021 by the influential Pantone Color Institute

Pantone has paired a vibrant yellow hue with a concrete grey as colour themes to guide the upcoming year ahead. According to Laurie Pressman, vice-president of the influential Pantone Color Institute. Colour is “a critical form of communication and a way to symbolise thoughts and ideas”.

With an Ultimate Grey hue that symbolises a strong foundation for the year to come, and an Illuminating Yellow that promises hope. We look into these shades and how we can create a combination of the two in the comfort of our homes.

Interior Colour Guide for 2021

Create a focus | Interior Colour Guide for 2021

The concrete grey is the symbol of a minimalist hue. It adds a sense of ruggedness to a space and sets it out to be contemporary and timeless in its outlook.

In this case, a bright focal point may be a sunny yellow that adds a sense of perspective to the room. By creating a focus on one specific point, it ties the colours together.

Perhaps, in a monochromatic kitchen with a grey Metallic Epoxy kitchen countertop. Certain accents such as the lighting or the kitchen cabinets can be rippled with a yellow.

Colors of 2021

Dilute the concentration | Interior Colour Guide for 2021

Perhaps a bright lemon yellow might not be everybody’s cup of tea.

In it’s palest forms grey and yellow makes an illuminating ambience that is super crisp and light. The room automatically looks more spacious with this particular palette.

Contrast the backdrop with a muted wallpaper coupled with cream furniture. This muted palette needs added depth, so layer up tones with a Chrome Gold, Silver and Black Veins on Bright Yellow Base Metallic Epoxy coffee table. The rippled marble effect of the table takes the hues of the room to another level.

Interior Choice of Colors 2021

Darken the hue | Interior Colour Guide for 2021

To add a contrasting element to the room, opt for a darker grey. This saturated colour tone paired with toned butter upholstery mellows the room’s atmosphere.

Opt for a Metallic Epoxy dark-hued feature wall. The rippling marble effect of the Metallic Epoxy adds definition to the furniture without it being too monotone.

Interior Choice of Colors 2021

Pattern away | Interior Colour Guide for 2021

To prevent the room from losing depth throw in a pattern or two into the living space. Playing with the color contrast is the key.

One can add pattern to the space by opting for a Metallic Epoxy flooring in the room and bright yellow base Metallic Epoxy as a feature wall. A contrasting wall feature with grey undertones and marbled with white is a perfect example. Metallic Epoxy can be customised to suit your preference of tone.

Lets welcome 2021 with the energy of these two colors!

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