Cat-Friendly Home Design

Cat-Friendly Home Design

For all Cat Owners | Cat-Friendly Home Design

With their lovable personality, domestic cats make great companion pets.

Cohabiting with cats requires understanding how living spaces affect their adaptability. While busy in modern life, there is a need to build a co-living space that we can live soundly and harmoniously with our endearing felines.

Like humans, cats rely on a familiar and safe habitat, which affects them deeply.

Did you know?

Cats’ Thermo Temperament | Cat-Friendly Home Design

Domestic cats’ thermoneutral zone typically ranges from 30°C to 38 °C. When in such an ambient temperature range, they can adapt and regulate their body temperatures naturally through regulating dry heat loss. Thermal discomfort is a common unpleasant experience for us, humans, too.

Cats generally adapt better to a warmer ambience, while we prefer a colder temperature to cool down in the tropical climate. Not forgetting we have the technological means to adapt to warm or cold weather.

Cats are highly sensitive to surroundings and need to behaviourally thermoregulate.

Cats’ Explorative Nature | Cat-Friendly Home Design

Felines are territorial when it comes to tangible surroundings, especially when they feel encroached. They are explorative by nature and thus tend to be curious about their surroundings and inch towards exploring physically.

Possessing the natural instinct to hunt, they enjoy the process of probing the ground and its surrounding objects. The potential consequences? Spilling food and drinks and drool that stick onto the floor, which greets you unexpectedly and unpleasantly as you walk, or worse, their overzealous actions causing upheaval to the co-living home.

The Co-Living Environment | Cat-Friendly Home Design

Microelements such as heated cat houses, insulated beddings, scratching posts and functional artefacts provide cats with comforting rest spaces to behaviourally thermoregulate and encourage them with interactive play spaces.

On top of that, we also need to invest in macro elements such as floors, walls and lightings. A good balance between micro and macro elements helps them to adapt naturally in the long term. More importantly, how can we build a safe and lasting environment to coexist with our beloved cats?

Here are a few Metallic Epoxy Layers outlined with their recommended features that would be useful.

Cat-Friendly Home Design

Meet Nori from Instagram: @norimeowmeow 

Floor Sealant Layer | Cat-Friendly Home Design

By creating an airtight and waterproof layer to prevent air and moisture from being trapped before the epoxy application begins, it seals the floor to remove cracks and pores.

With pets around the house, it is even more important to clean floors regularly. Floor surfaces with lesser pores will trap less dirt and furs and prevent bacteria growth, making them easier to clean.

Check out how we install our Metallic Epoxy Floorings here!

Cat-Friendly Home Design

Meet Nori from Instagram: @norimeowmeow

Gloss Anti-Slip | Cat-Friendly Home Design

This floor finishing provides a fine balance between rough and gloss surfaces.

Functionally, its relatively gritty texture provides cats and humans firm traction to prevent slips, as well as shielding against the impact of cat and human activities.

Aesthetically, its polished finishing presents the colors and effects of its design well.

Cat-Friendly Home Design

Meet Nori from Instagram: @norimeowmeow

Highly Slip and Scratch Resistant | Cat-Friendly Home Design

By bringing industrial-quality epoxy to residential use, Metallic Epoxy provides slip and scratch resistance to prevent cats from scrambling and rough-housing with their claws and paws. Minimizing the impact of furniture moving or house renovations.

Cat-Friendly Home Design

Meet Nori from Instagram: @norimeowmeow

Stain and Chemical Proof | Cat-Friendly Home Design

Domestic cats can be toilet-trained with minimum accidents when going number one or two. However, on occasions when accidents occur, you need a floor that is highly stained resistant to clean up the mess efficiently. Chemical resistance is a must to tolerate tough cleansers with high or concentrated levels of chemical contents.

On the other hand, as cats have highly sensitive noses, you need to be careful in selecting a safe cleaning solvent.

Conclusion | Cat-Friendly Home Design

You may be intrigued by the prospect of adopting a feline pet but not able to during this period. Cats, like any other pet, deserves wholehearted care.

You can make good use of this period to read pet knowledge. Consider legal and financial implications, and weigh up home impact and family members’ commitment to cat adoption. Check out the sites below!

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