Metallic Epoxy Bathroom

Redefining Your Bathroom Experience
Metallic Epoxy Bathroom

Did you know?

Stains, slippery flooring, dirty grout lines, & damaged waterproofing are inevitable problems every bathroom face regardless how much we try to maintain them.

So what if we told you, we are not only able to offer you a bathroom that looks good, but also prevents the issues above & require little to none maintenance throughout your lifetime in just under a week with no hacking?

Check out more in depth details below!

What's in it for you

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    Its non-porous properties bring the game up from traditional bathrooms where its impossible to have a entirely stain and waterproof surface. This means, you will never have to worry about constant maintenance to keep your bathrooms in pristine condition.

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    100% SEAMLESS

    It’s seamless finish, together with Metallic Epoxy’s stain & waterproof property, enables a 100% protection in your bathroom. Say goodbye to unsightly grout lines & waterproofing issues.

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    Metallic Epoxy is chemically inert. Your worries of chemical damage during regular maintenance via cleaning agents such as detergents, bleaching and acid wash will be a thing of the past.

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    Our Metallic Epoxy is highly heat resistant and withstands temperatures of up to 200°C. Together with its anti skid properties on the floor, it allows for safe and durable use in bathrooms.

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    From lava-flow or pearlescent designs to marble & wood themed finishing. Our Metallic Epoxy presents highly customizable options which are not readily available with traditional bathroom materials.

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    Extremely tough, durable and engineered to last for decades, Metallic Epoxy Singapore finishing’s are resistant to impact and scratch from everyday wear and tear in industrial environments with heavy machinery and works, needless to say in areas such as your bathroom.

How its done!

Step 1.

We start prepping the space for installation by temporarily removing bathroom fittings and fixtures.
*1st Day

Step 2.

We then begin installing our Metallic Epoxy Flooring directly onto existing substrate (Tiles / Cement). This seals up any possible leaks and strengthen the entire floor as a whole.
*1st – 4th Day

Step 3.

Completing the entire bathroom by installing our wall panels & bathroom fittings/fixtures.
*5th – 7th Day (Bathroom will be ready for use the very next day)

You too can own a bathroom like this!

Why Us?

Metallic Epoxy Bathroom


The Metallic Epoxy Singapore team is trained and certified with Leggari Products, USA. We are the leading Metallic Epoxy Specialist in Singapore, with over a thousand completed projects and installations to date.

Customer-Centric Culture

Metallic Epoxy Singapore places our clients first. From taking the time to understand your needs to providing the finishing touches for each project, we believe that every client deserves the best experience throughout their journey with us, even after a successful handover.

No Hidden Fees

We firmly believe in transparent and honest transactions. With Metallic Epoxy Singapore, you will never be surprised by any hidden or additional fees. Be secure in knowing all figures stated in our invoice are final.

Premium Luxury

Fitting that luxurious flooring or that exotic new countertop design is now worry-free. With a zero compromise on product and service quality, Metallic Epoxy Singapore will always be the industry leader in premium quality metallic epoxy finishing.

Exceptional Quality

Metallic Epoxy Singapore uses Leggari products manufactured in the USA. Only top quality products are utilised in all installations, ensuring long-lasting and durable finishings for your home and workspace.

Free Consultation

Have any enquiries on Metallic Epoxy products and services? Contact us for a free, non-obligatory consultation and our sales team will be pleased to assist you.

What our past clients say about us!

Why do I have to do it now?

I have been using my bathroom for so long and I am fine with it

Yes, you may have long gotten used to your bathroom regardless if it is in a good / bad condition & thinking why do I need to go through the hassle or even spending additional money to do anything about it.

But the main question is. Is your bathroom really safe for YOU or even elderly / kids in the long run? It may look spotless, with no water marks in the shower, clean tiles & even mould around, but is it really negligible?

Bacteria such as Streptococcus, Campylobacter and Escherichia coli (E. coli) lurk in every part of your bathroom and research shows at least 85% of them live & thrive within the Grout Lines & Pores of Tiles which can cause painful symptoms such as stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting, so it’s vital that you have a surface that bacteria cannot grow on.

Especially when we are living in an age where germs, bacteria & diseases are most rampant, drop by to find out how we can really keep your daily life safe down to the very basics in important areas such as your bathrooms, where we & our family use on a regular basis to keep our personal hygiene.

I am not staying in my current place for long

Research shows that 85% of materials used for bathrooms in the 21st century do not last for more than 2 years where issues such as weakening of waterproofing, popping / cracking of tiles & stains start to occur. This in turn causes you to either live uncomfortably with it till you move, or spend unnecessary money to get it repaired.

Do you also know that a nice & clean bathroom increases the the value of your property especially when you are planning to sell, due to the fact that potential buyers do not need to spend a bomb to rebuild them.
Let us show you how we can not only help you live comfortably with no worries but also offset your cost with your next potential buyer!

I just bought a new place and the bathroom looks fine

Let’s assume you have gone through everything within the bathroom and are in acceptable condition to you, but have you really thought about the maintenance that will be required soon when its constantly exposed to harsh conditions, also keeping in mind the duration it has been used.

Our Metallic Epoxy Bathroom makeover will not only create a space that is specifically built to your lifestyle & comfort but also designed to not ever let you have to worry about maintenance required!

Still have doubts?

I don’t want to go through the hassle of renovation

Do you know that we only require less than a week to complete your entire bathroom while you are still able to live in comfortably without noise, smell or even dust?

Too add on, from the time you engage our services till the handover, the entire process will be professionally coordinated by our experienced project managers assigned to you!

I can get it done too by overlaying with other materials

Between 2018- 2020, statistics show that at least 80% of overlaid bathrooms pop within the 1st year of installation and why is it as such?

Tile overlays are generally stuck on via a thin layer of cement onto existing surfaces and vinyl overlays are generally mounted onto a frame and clipped together. The main concern arises from the atmospheric temperature, due to hot and cold expansion, the materials will either start to warp exposing the seams (Water will start entering beneath the overlayed material, causing smells and eventually popping) and / or loosening the bond between the overlaid material and base.

Our Metallic Epoxy are entirely seamless and inert to atmospheric temperatures preventing the issues above!

It’s too expensive

Since we have gotten into the first alternative of overlays, we will come around the remaining alternative, Hacking & Retiling.
Are you aware that Hacking & Retiling, with proper quality of materials for your entire bathroom averagely costs between $10k – $20k? Keeping in mind the inconvenience especially if you are living in &/or moving in which will extend your schedule when proper works are required.

Nevertheless, common issues as above will still inevitably occur.
Drop by to find out how we can not only elevate your bathroom experience with attractive package rates & great re-payment schemes, but also assuring you a peace of mind!

Elevate your Bathroom Experience Today!


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