Living Room Interior Design

Living Room Interior Design

The Multi-Functional Space | Living Room Interior Design

The living room, being the multi-functional space for social gatherings and entertainment. Not to mention a place to wind down and relax as it is the first thing we see when we enter our home, its decor should not be neglected.

Now some of you may feel pressured to design a space that will impress your guests. It can be as easy as giving some personality to a feature in your living room to rival that of a grand hotel suite.

Focal Points | Living Room Interior Design

A critical component in a living room that unfortunately lacks the attention it deserves is the coffee table. Frequently the centrepiece of the room helps ground the surrounding designs and furniture.

Why not use it to your advantage to elevate the overall look by incorporating a Metallic Epoxy Table. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room, but it is also durable and heat-resistant, making it a practical choice.

When choosing a design, make sure it complements the other furnitures. Think neutral pieces with a standout coffee table in a contrast colour.

Living Room Design Ideas
Living Room Design Ideas

Modern Luxe | Living Room Interior Design

Elevate the elegance of the room with a Metallic Epoxy Art Panel. It adds more versatility than a simple white background and it is able to mimic the look of marbled walls.

A customizable design means that it can be tailored to suit your preferences for a unique feature wall. Custom luxury features are a definite investment for everyone. 

Pertaining to the theme of modern luxe, pair the room with stylish lighting, furniture, and tableware for a complete look.

Living Room Interior Design
Living Room Interior Design

Flooring | Living Room Interior Design

Deviate from the usual wood and tiles with a Metallic Epoxy Floor for a seamless finish. Boost the aesthetic value of your space with the multitude of finishings available for your choosing.

Allow your creativity to run free with the range of colour choices as well as the selection of patterns and designs for true one-of-a-kind flooring. Get inspired by this metallic epoxy floor for one of our clienteles featuring gold and black veins on a khaki base.

Ease your woes as this flooring provides easy maintenance and it is also scratch-resistant. Suitable for high traffic spaces whilst being a practical alternative to other flooring options. (Read more on The Best Natural Rock Materials For Your Home (Part Two) | Blog Post #24)

MESG Stair
MESG Stair

Conclusion | Living Room Interior Design

Metallic Epoxy Designs are limitless and that is the beauty of it. Turn your wall, floor, or something simple as your furniture into art that injects life into your living room.

With Metallic Epoxy, you can attain a home that is both aesthetically appealing yet practical. View more of our previous living room interior design projects here!

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