Luxury and Elegance brought to your space with our Metallic Epoxy Floorings. From classic marble to exotic galaxy-themed designs, we deliver top-notch epoxy flooring solutions in any specification you desire.

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Art Panels

Our Custom-Made Metallic Epoxy Art Panels are specially formulated and applied to create intricate designs that turn a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional facade. Our artist’s brush and your choice of metallic effects will result in a deep, breath-taking centrepiece in its rightful place on your wall.

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Beautify and Protect your workspace with our gorgeous Metallic Epoxy Countertop Designs. Allay all worries of unsightly stains and marks with protective lustre made to last a lifetime.

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Vanity Top

Beautify your bathroom with our Metallic Epoxy Vanity Top—It fends off both water damage and stains from daily use while giving your bathroom a breath of fresh air. Your commode will captivate your guests and convert your vanity top into a mantle of class and luxurious living with Metallic Epoxy Singapore.

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Refurbish your tabletops with our Metallic Epoxy Tabletop. Stain-proof and damage-resistant, our tabletops create a charming and practical centrepiece for both your home and office.

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Stand out from the crowd and express your unique tastes with Metallic Epoxy Singapore. Our custom doors don’t just restore your doors with dignified and luxurious aesthetics, they also protect the portal to your home with cutting-edge technology that stands firm against the torment of daily wear.

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